Source Material Catalogues

This page provides an index to the catalogues of source material, including documents, books, letters, portraits, photographs, artifacts etc., many of which have been passed down through the generations and are retained by myself and my relations, and which have been used in compiling the information on this website. Separate catalogues are used for material related to different families and, where there is sufficient material to justify it, for material related to individual members of the family.

The numbering system used for the catalogued material is a hierarchical one, with an initial alphabetical code for each individual catalogue, followed by one or more numbers separated by slashes or hyphens. These separators are used interchangeably, partly because slashes are not permitted in Windows filenames. Thus the catalogue number HHJ/35/10 (also sometimes shown as HHJ-35-10) indicates one part (Episode 10) of item HHJ/35 (Firm Earth My Comrade: Memoirs of a Grounded Airman), which is in catalogue HHJ, containing material related to Harold Hindle James.

This website has a separate catalogue page for each alphabetical code, and these are linked from the tables below. Each catalogue page then lists the items in that catalogue in hierarchical numerical order, with links to scanned images or documents (where available), and information about the whereabouts of the original item (where appropriate).

The catalogues are under continual development as new items are added, or when certain larger collections (such as sets of photographs), which were originally catalogued with a single number, are separated and given separate numbers at a lower level in the hierarchy.

John Barnard
Updated 30 October 2021

James, Rosher and Hindle Families

Ancestors and relations of my maternal grandfather, Lionel James

Documents related to the James Family JAM
Documents related to the Rosher and Hindle families ROSH
Miscellaneous documents retrieved from the home of Eric Trevenen James (Challonsleigh, Tavistock, Devon) in 2010, and mainly associated with members of the James Family Cha
Documents related to Augustus Frederick James (1842-1912) and his wife Katherine Anna Geale (1835-1903) AFJ
Documents related to Edith Emily Coulson James (1860-1936) EECJ
Documents related to Henry Rosher James (1862-1931) HRJ
Documents related to Harold Hindle James (1895-1969)
Documents related to Eric Trevenen James (1904-1989)
Documents related to Bertram Alfred James (1866-1891) BAJ
Documents related to Lionel James (1868-1948) LJ
Documents related to Hilary Trevenen James (1914-1990)
Documents related to Wing-Commander Arthur Gladdish Trevenen James (1915-2004) and his wife Nini van Gesseler Verschuir (1916-2017)
Documents related to Pascha ("Pac") Trevenen James (1919-1978) before and after her marriage to Charles Mordaunt Barnard (1901-1983)
Documents related to Margaret ("Mog") Trevenen James (later Harrisson) (1919-2002)

Clabburn, Pearsall and Carttar Families

Ancestors and relations of my maternal grandmother, Ethel de Pearsall Clabburn

Documents related to the Clabburn family CLA
Documents relating to the Pearsall family PEAR
Documents related to the Carttar Family CART

Barnard, Martin Mordaunt

Ancestors and relations of my paternal grandfather, Rev. Percy Mordaunt Barnard

Documents related to the Barnard Family BAR
Documents relating to the Martin family MART
Documents relating to the Mordaunt family MOR

Taunton, Wild Tucker

Ancestors and relations of my paternal grandmother, Alice Mary Taunton

Documents related to the Wild and Tucker families WILD