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Sqdn. Ldr. Harold Hindle James, OBE, CG (1894-1969)

Updated 16 May 2021


This page catalogues documents, photographs etc. related particularly Harold Hindle James, known to his family as "Huck", and to his friends as "Jimmy"; his father was my maternal grandfather's eldest brother. 

A very large collection of HHJ's papers, along with those of his father Henry Rosher James (1862-1931) and brother Eric Trevenen James (1904-1989) and other relatives, came to light in the summer of 2010, in the possession of Eric's stepson, Geoffrey Fox (b. 1938). It appears that they were retained by Eric at his house, "Challonsleigh", Whitchurch, Tavistock, Devon. That house, and the nearby "Edgemoor House", Middlemoor, Tavistock PL19 9DY (which was previously owned by the parents of Eric's wife, Guglielma Fox (also née Fox), and was where Geoffrey Fox was born) are still owned by Geoffrey Fox and his wife Vicky, though they spend most of the year at their farm in Tanzania, and the houses are rented out as holiday lets. In the summer of 2010 I made two visits to the Foxes in Devon, and Geoffrey Fox kindly gave me all the papers he had. 

The collection was large and disorganised, with related material scattered and mixed up with other documents, and the process of sorting and cataloguing it has been a slow one. Some material also comes from other sources, in particular from HHJ's cousins Margaret Beagley (née Scott) and Robert CT James. Significant progress was made during the Covid-19 "lockdown" of 2020, which uncovered a number of items previously thought to be lost, and allowed multiple copies of some items (in some cases from different sources) to be reunited. Scans of many more documents were added to the website, and are linked from this page, which is now a fairly complete catalogue of the available material, though work still remains to be done on loose photographs. Separate catalogues are in preparation for material in the collection related to HHJ's brother, father, and other relatives. 

Since establishing this website, the material concerning HHJ's long service and residence in the Middle East has attracted interest from a number of historians of British involvement in the region, and some of it is already cited in several publications. In the light of a bequest stipulated in HHJ's Will [HHJ/40], which appears not to have been acted upon by his Executors, it is my intention ultimately to donate the entire collection to HHJ's alma mater, Christ Church College, Oxford, where he was a student 1912-1914. In the meantime, material which I have transcribed or scanned is linked directly from the full catalogue below.

John Barnard
15 Oct 2020

Summary of Material

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Work with Unemployed Men's Clubs 1932-34


Poetry, Creative Writing and Publications

Photograph Albums

HHJ's photograph albums generally contain a mixture of material from different periods of his life; the following list gives a brief indication of the contents of each album

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Collected miscellaneous correspondence (both from and to HHJ), covering the entirety of his life. This item consists of several hundred individual letters and other miscellaneous documents not separately catalogued below, sorted into chronological order and filed in eight large ring binders. Transcripts and scans of selected letters from this item are catalogued under HHJ/21.

Other correspondence on specific subjects is catalogued as HHJ/42/2, HHJ/48, HHJ/49, HHJ/50 and HHJ/51.

Documents from Challonsleigh and other sources; held by John Barnard.
HHJ-2 Commission papers as
  1. 2nd Lieutenant (Land Forces) effective 1 Sep 1914 (dated 28 Aug 1914, and stamped "Temporary")
  2. Flight Lieutenant (RAF), effective 16 Sep 1919 (dated 1 Dec 1922).  
Both signed in top left “George R. I.” (King George V, Rex Imperator).
Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-3 Photo album of HHJ's from WW1 RFC service, including aerial photos of France and Egypt. Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-4 Hansard Vol 295, No. 185. House of Lords 25 Jul 1967. Including question on treatment of HHJ by Egyptian authorities (Col. 687). Question asked by Marquess of Salisbury (Conservative), answered by Lord Chalfont (Minister of State of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs), with contributions from Lords Rowley (Labour), Carrington (Conservative leader in the Lords), Wakefield of Kendal (Conservative), and Segal (Labour), and from Baroness Emmet of Amberley (Conservative). The Minister indicated that the Government did not make a formal protest to the Egyptian authorities as it "would not have been in [HHJ's] own interest." Document from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-5 Invitation to investiture at Buckingham Palace (4 Mar 1930) (presumably his OBE). Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-6 [Letters incorporated into HHJ/1]
HHJ-7 Description of HHJ's personal experiences during the Suez Crisis, with comments on its aftermath and in particular on the American position [4pp typescript, dated 18 Dec 1956] Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-8 [Letters incorporated into HHJ/1]
HHJ-9-1 Report on Present Situation in Spanish Morocco, 21 Mar - 2 Apr 1932 (8pp manuscript notes and sketchmap) Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-9-2 Report on tour of Black Sea ports, including Russia, aboard SS Iseo 6-22 June 1935 (16pp typescript, with 4pp sketches of planes, ships etc., and 3pp manuscript letter) Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-9-3 Intourist Soviet Visa application form and draft itinerary for proposed Russian tour Istanbul-Odessa-Moscow-Leningrad-London July 1935 Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-10 Press cuttings re expulsion from Egypt in 1967 Collated from Challonsleigh and papers of RCT James; held by John Barnard.
HHJ-11 Photos of HHJ invested with OBE in 1930, and as newly-commissioned officer. Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-12 Small envelope of photos including HHJ's grave on Malta Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-13 Various loose photos, some showing HHJ with goatee beard Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-14 Miscellaneous photos from southern Egypt Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-15-1 Birth certificate (GRO Births 1894 Q2 Barton Regis 6a 48) showing birth of Harold Hindle James on 1 March 1894. PDF copy from General Register Office Jan 2020
HHJ-15-2 Passport no. C544564 issued to S/Ldr Harold HINDLE-JAMES by HBM Consul, Florence, 18 Dec 1967. Contains single entry visa for Malta dated 8 Oct 1968. The date of birth shown (1 Mar 1895) is incorrect (see HHJ-15-1). Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-15-3 Maltese death certificate dated 12 Mar 1969. Specifies death at St Catherine of Sienna Hospital, Attard, Malta on 2 Feb 1969. Gives age of deceased as 75 (he was actually 74 years 11 months). Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-15-4 British High Commission (Malta) death certificate issued 20 March 1969. Gives age of deceased as 73 (he was actually 74 years 11 months). Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-16 "Grant of dignity" of an Officer in the Military Division of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) to Flight-Lieutenant Harold Hindle James, dated 15 Mar 1929. Signed by the Grand Master of the Order, "Edward P" (Edward, Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII) and"on behalf of His Majesty" (King George V) by "Mary R" (Mary, Queen Consort) and "Albert" (Prince Albert, Duke of York, later King George VI) . Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-17 In Remembrance of Some Tribal Wanderings on Special Service in Iraq 1924-1926: Diary with Letters and Some Verse. Typescript notes by HHJ. See sub-entries below. [See also HHJ-34 concerning continued service 1927-1929] Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
Title page, contents and dedicatory poem "to RJS" [Robert Jope-Slade] [pp 1-3]
Section 1. Outward Bound: and Language. Leave in Iraq. Diary entries 25 Jul - 9 Aug 1924 [pp. 4-20]. Voyage to Port Said aboard S. S. Naldera; train to Haifa; car to Baghdad via Acre, Tyre, Beiruit & Damascus
Section 1, contd. Letters dated 17 Aug and 20 Sep; undated diary entry: all written at Hillah [pp. 21-35]. Brief reminiscence of earlier visit during Arab Revolt; lodging arrangements; dinner with Gertrude Bell; peasants' reaction to lunar eclipse; visits to Shaikhs Abbud al Haimur and to Umran al Hajji Sadoun (ref. to diary of Revolt) with "Mr and Mrs K."; visit to Najaf; visit to Kerbala during Shi'a pilgrimage and visit to Agha Mustapha Khan (nephew of Agha Khan III); personal impressions of government and role of British; impressions of Arab life in Hillah. 
Section 1, contd. Letters dated 30 Sep, 12 and 13 Oct 1924 [pp. 36-46]. Work and social life with "Capt. O'C" (British advisor to Arab army); visit to Najaf and rumour of Wahabi attack; visit to Kufah, and reminiscences of 1920 siege there; meeting with Hajji Abbud; visit to Abu Sukhair and Ja'ara with recollections of his own bombing raids on them in 1920; visit to Shi'a tribes and discussions with Shaikh Umrad al Khalil of Jabar tribe; execution of shaikh from Nasariyeh tribe at Hillah. 
Section 1, contd. Letter dated 17 Oct 1924; diary entries dated 26 & 27 Oct 1924 [pp. 47-58]. Histories of his Christian Arabic teacher and Assyrian personal servant; visit to Bedouin Shammar tribe; deaths of British twin babies; visit to Diwaniyah and Shamiyah district, meeting with Jewish community and Marsh Arabs; visits to Shaikh Sulman al Dhahir of Khazail tribe and Saiyid Muhsin abu Tabikh.
Section 1, contd. Diary entries dated 27 & 28 Oct 1924 [pp. 59-71]. Visit to Bhar al Shinifiyeh; meetings with son of Saiyid Alwan ibn Abbas and with Shaikh Dakhil ibn Sha'alan (discussion of British bombing raids and injustice of previously-mentioned execution); stories of anti-British Abdul Wahid of Fatlah tribe; visit to Kamil al Chalib; arrival at house of Abdul Wahid. 
Section 1, conclusion. Diary entries dated 28 & 29 Oct 1924; poem: In a Garden Near Farhan [pp. 72-77]. Discussions with Abdul Wahid; treatment of British prisoners after "Manchester disaster"; return by car to Diwaniyah; interview with Bedouin Shaikh suspected of involvement in disappearance of RAF officers; return to Baghdad. 

Section 2. Baghdad. Letters dated 5 Nov, 13 Nov & 11 Dec 1924 & 7 Jan 1925 [pp. 78-86] Frustrations of office-based job at Headquarters in Baghdad under Col. D. (G.S.O.I. of Intelligence Dept.); working with "Flt. Lt. J-S" [Robert Jope-Slade]; 5-day tour to Shergat; meeting with Sir Henry Dobbs (High Commissioner to Iraq); cold weather and snow; tea with Gertrude Bell; new tour sanctioned.
Section 2, contd. Diary entries 11-29 Jan 1925 [pp. 87-100]. Tour to Baquba, Sharaban, Kingerban, Tuz, Kirkuk, Arbil, Mosul with Jope-Slade; visit to ancient Assyrian Christian monastery (possibly Deir Mar Bihnam); anxieties of Mosul Christians; return to Baghdad via Shergat and new oil works.
Section 2, contd. Letters dated 29 Jan, 9 & 16 March, 6 Apr and 25 May 1925 [pp. 101-108]. Moved into new mess with Jope-Slade; departure of Chief of Intelligence Col. D on home leave; changes in weather; attack on Baghdad-Beirut motot convoy and killing of French vice-consul's wife; return of Jope-Slade from 3-week tour; floods in Baghdad; "Baghdad boil" on ear; farewell weekend boat trip with Jope-Slade.
Section 2, conclusion. Letters dated 8 & 21 Jun 1925; poem: Baghdad, Farewell! [pp. 109-112]. New job as Special Service Officer in Ramadi district.
Section 3: Special service, Tribal Duties in the Dulaim Liwa, and Shamiya Desert. Letters dated 30 Jun, 5 & 16 Jul and 12 Aug 1925 [pp. 113-129]. Houshold in Ramadi; Major Y. (Administrative Inspector); visit to Shaikh Fahad Beg al Hadhdhal of Anizah tribal confederation; tour with Major Y. to Albu Kamal (Syria) via Hit, Haditha, Anah, and al Gaim; meeting with Lieut. Le M (French counterpart); "capture" of Bedouin Shaikh Dahir ibn Ali; visit to Bedouin Akhwan refugees fleeing Ibn Saud; complex intrigues between Iraqi government, Bedouin tribes and Sultan Ibn Saud; tour to Rahaiyah and Skikatah Oases; visit to Kerbala and Baghdad.
Section 3, contd. Letters dated 26 Aug, 10 & 13 Sep and 7 Oct 1925 [pp. 130-141]. Tour to Najaf area with Flight-Lieut. M. SSO of Southeastern area) to investigate tribal quarrals among Anizah; visit to Ukhaidir castle; delay in sand-drift with British driver Shutes; visit to Fahad Beg at Fallujah; tour towards Janf in Ibn Saud's territory visiting unusual spring in underground cavern; letter from Col. D. congratulating him on report; tours to Jaziah district near Syrian border, and to Shamiyah district and encounters with raiders; meetings with visiting notables "Lord C" and "Lady H". ["Lord C" cannot be Lord Curzon, who as Viceroy of India would have known HHJ's father, as he died in March 1925]
Section 3, contd. Letters dated 7, 14, 18 & 29 Oct 1925 [pp. 142-154]. Mail difficulties; his brother Bob's (Eric Trevenen James) appointment to Uganda; retirement of Major Y.; Mosul question [Turkish claim to Mosul]; gift from Fahad Beg; tour to Dulaimiah and Shamiyah; disputes between Dulaini and Bani Tanuin tribes;British driver Shutes; visit to Fahad Beg's winter encampment and sandstorm; refugees from Hama (Syria) fleeing French; French maladministration in Syria; encouraging letter from Col. D., but warning of restlessness in area.
Section 3, contd. Letters dated 18 Nov, 2, 15 & 24 Dec 1925; Poem, "Desert Voices" [pp. 155-169]. Orders to transfer to Diwaniyah; visit to Diwaniyah; tours to Al Qaim and Jazirah district; rescue of shepherd from raiders; Christmas at Ramadi with new Administrative Inspector, "Major W." [W.C.F.A. Wilson] and his wife.
Section IV. "Special Service;" tribal duties in Diwaniyah Liwa; Baghdad Floods; a local "war"; and return to Europe on leave. Letters dated 5, 18 & 28 Jan 1926 [pp. 164-177]. Journey from Ramadi to Diwaniyah by boat down the Euphrates; tour to Jazirah desert area; attack on Iraqi officer by highwaymen; Christmas in Ramadi; brother Bob's departure for Colonial service in Uganda; house and office in Diwaniyah; local staff and British driver Shutes; battle between nomadic Shammar Bedouins and local farmers; Shammar camel train.
Section 4, contd. Letters dated 31 Jan, 15 & 23 Feb, 2 & 28 Mar 1926 [pp. 178-193]. Tour to visit Fahad Beg al Hadhdhal; role of Fahad in negotiating between Ali al Shuarabat, leader of Akhwan refugees (HHJ-17-12) and Ibn Saud; moving camp with Bedouins; hunting with hawks with Fahad's sons; problems with car solved using butter as motor oil; meeting with Murhdi al Rufdi of Salgar section  of Anizah; discussions with Mujhim ibn Muhaid of Fada'an section of Anizah from Syria, who is pro-British but also supports Ibn Saud; cruelty to hare when training hunting hawks; visits to Emir Ibrahim of the al Mouali and Muhammed Pasha of the Bani Khalid tribes from Syria; camel ride wearing Arab head-dress; unaffected behaviour of Bedouin women, especially from Syrian tribes, and reaction of Iraqi Arabs; Arab customs of hospitality; desert flora and fauna (including leopards) at different seasons; plans for tour to investigate land dispute cases; noises audible during Ramadan.
Section 4, contd. Letters dated 15 Mar, 6, 10, 14 & 19 Apr 1926 [pp. 194-206]. Monitoring of Government orders for redistribution of land by Abardi al Hussain, Sheikh of the Fatlah in Hor ibn Najur marsh region, north-east of Kufah; local influence and anti-British attitudes of Shi'ite Saiyid holy men; investigation of mistreatment of hostile tribesmen by brothers Abdul and Hassan Wahid al Sikr; visit to castle of Abadi al Hussein (Abdul Wahid's father-in-law) and progress of his son Sugban in dancing foxtrot; visitors to his house at Diwaniyah; floods in Baghdad and protection work; interview with Air-Vice Marshall concerning continued service in Iraq; plans for aeroplane mission to impress "tiresome chieftains".
Section 4, contd. Letters dated 23 Apr, 11 & 18 May, and 1 Jun 1926 [pp. 207-218]. Successful aeroplane mission to impress Abdul and Hassan Wahid al Sikr; dispute between Abbas al Alwan of Kerid tribe and Sugban al Hussein of Fatlah involving deaths of some of their negro slave bodyguards; progress in investigation of Hassan Wahid torture case; personal observations on character of Arab sheikhs; dispatch of cigarette holder gift to Fahad Beg; touring tribal areas by horse; house at Dagharah; completion of "target map" of Dagharah tribes; murder [during 1920 revolt] of British political officer by Shaikh Sa'adun al Risn, who remain at liberty; dropping ultimatums on unruly tribesmen; defiance of government by occupants of Harhamah fort and surrounding intrigues.
Section 4, contd. Letters dated 8 & 21 Jun 1926; undated [15 Jul 1926] diary entry "Death of Miss Gertrude Bell"; letter dated 28 Jun 1926 [pp. 219-231]. Surrender of Harhamah fort without need for bombing, and its subsequent levelling to ground; co-operation with "K" (local Administrative Inspector); visit to Baghdad, and indecision from Colonel on leave; report on Harhamah Fort episode viewed favourably by High Commissioner; arranging new jobs for personal servants during his leave; Iraqi grief at death of Gertrude Bell [on 12 Jul 1926]; Bell's disappointment at official attitudes in her last years; comments on T.E. Lawrence and recollections of seeing him; summer heat in Diwaniyah; high levels of fever [presumably malaria] following earlier floods; frustration at delayed leave; dealing with another intrigue by rich tribal leader; comments on General Strike in UK; comments on brother Bob's (E.T. James) proposed land acquisition in Africa.
Section 4, contd. Letter dated 27 Jun 1926; diary entry 18 Aug 1926; poem: "Lament" [pp. 232-241]. Preparations for home leave and plans for return; farewell visits from local sheikhs inclduing Saoud Beg al Sa'doun, brother of exiled pro-Turk Ajami Pasha; difference of opinion with Squadron-Leader at AHQ resolved by appeal to Colonel; friendly discussions with Colonel; crash at Hinaidi killing ten air force fellows; reminiscences of one of them, Sterling-Webb; Shi'ite Muharram festival at Dagharah with women beating their breasts; returning home for six months' leave by car via Palmyra, Homs and Tripoli to Beirut, then coastal steamer to Cyprus; visits to Farmagasta, Nicosia and Limossol; comments on how cathedrals remain in Moslem hands despite British administration, and importance of British imperial prestige.
Manuscript drafts and duplicate pages, possibly with some material omitted from HHJ/17/1 to HHJ/1/21
HHJ-18-1 Personal witness statement concerning the Cairo riots of 26 January 1952, during which the Turf Club was attacked, and several Britons in it were murdered, with appendices dated 30 Jan and 5 Feb. Multiple typewritten copies, one with MS addition concerning attempted attack on HHJ's flat, one forwarded to HHJ's brother-in-law Donald Mackinnon with covering note dated 21 Feb 1952 from Richard Casey, then Australian Minister for External Affairs. Annotated transcript prepared from RCT James's copy by John Barnard, May 2009. Original copies from Challonsleigh and from papers of RCT James; held by John Barnard
HHJ-18-2 Letter concerning "The Arab Refugee Plight in Gaza Area", dated 16 Mar 1952, and published in The Egyptian Gazette.  Marginal note "received 27.3.1952" in hand of HHJ's aunt Ethel James.  Describes his visit to Gaza refugee camps, Feb 1952. [Original newspaper cutting now filed in HHJ/1] Original newspaper cutting from papers of RCT James, now held by John Barnard
HHJ-18-3 [Letter incorporated into HHJ/1]
HHJ-18-4 [Letter incorporated into HHJ/1]
HHJ-18-5 Manuscript letter (in pencil), dated 25 Apr 1955, describing the history of HHJ's involvement in the Arab world, and mentioning his acquaintance with such people as St John Philby, Gertrude Bell and Glubb Pasha. Original MS from papers of RCT James, now held by John Barnard. A note on the back in Margaret Beagley's hand, suggests that he obtained it from her.
HHJ-19 Typed Curriculum vitae covering period 1914-1941 with appendix dated July 1950. N.B. The date of birth shown (1 Mar 1895) is incorrect (see HHJ-15-1). Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-20 Typed notes on tour of Middle East June/July 1942 (Cairo - Adana - Mersin - Aleppo - Tripoli - Damascus - Beirut - Haifa - Jerusalem Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-21 Scans and transcriptions of letters selected from HHJ/1, as listed below:
1902-1915. HHJ to his parents: Covering childhood, adolescence, undergraduate career at Oxford, and the first few months of World War I.
Transcriptions by John Barnard
17 Jan 1920 from Cairo (HHJ to his mother): Work as commander of Special Instructional Flight; first flight for over a year; new aircraft delivered; New Year’s Eve celebrations at Shepheard’s Hotel; Robert Hartman’s birthday dance, and return to England; cutting back on expense of social life; family enquiries
Transcription by John Barnard
HHJ-22 Formal photographs of HHJ and his sister Mollie as children Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-23 Envelope of photos marked "snapshots Latrigg 1915". Some identified on back, with family members in Lake District scenes, including HHJ in uniform. Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-24 Telegram from Queen Mary's private secretary to HHJ in Cairo, dated 31 May 1952, thanking him for his birthday greetings to the Queen, who was 85 on 26 May 1952. Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-25 Photo of HHJ in Arab dress in a Bedouin tent Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-26 [Letters transferred to HHJ/1] Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-27 Folder of miscellaneous photographs (mainly HHJ as a boy, though also some of his father as a young man) Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-28 Photos of HHJ aged 3 months, 6 months, with his father aged about 3 years, and with his father aged about 7 years Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-29 Typescript account of HHJ's visit to Saudi Arabia, March 1937, as a guest of H.E. Sheik Hafiz Wahba, Saudi Arabian Minister in London. He describes meetings with the British Minister Sir Reader Bullard, the Arabist St John Philby, HRH Amir Faisal (later King Faisal) and a private audience with King Saud himself. He also describes his return journey to Egypt on a ship carrying pilgrims returning from Mecca [21pp]. Original document retrieved from Challonsleigh, summer 2010, and held by John Barnard.
HHJ-30 Handwritten softback diary covering period 31 Aug 1910 to 25 Mar 1911. Begins on holiday in Whitby with [unidentified] aunt (who celebrated birthday on 3 Sep 1910), and mentions sister Molly, brother Eric and [unidentified] "cousin" Desirée
HHJ-31 Four Years of War Flying: Experiences and Episodes as Observer or Pilot. [Incomplete memoir of World War I service, 1919. Transcription and annotation of Preface by John Barnard, Aug 2020].
  • Preface [5pp MS, incorporating brief third-person summary of wartime career]
  • Summary of war service [1p MS]
  • List of letters, diary entries etc. intended for inclusion [4pp MS - originals not found]
  • 3 Linking sheets
HHJ-32 Handwritten softback diary covering part of HHJ's service as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps in World War I. See sub-entries below. From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
Diary entries from 30 Jan to 23 Mar 1917, covering service based at Rabegh, Hedjaz (Saudi Arabia) and Aden [34 double pages, manuscript]
Diary entried from 24 Mar to 9 Jun 1917, covering service in Egypt and Palestine [36 double pages, manuscript]
Additional material from back of diary, including flight log for period 4 to 10 July 1916 (Houslow and Northolt aerodromes), and notes on procedures for flying in Arabia [3 double pages, manuscript]
HHJ-33 Maltepe and Mesopotamia 1920-1921. Memoirs of RAF service with 55 Squadron. Probably intended as a supplement to a completed version of HHJ-31. See sub-entries below From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
I. With Q Force at Maltepe [Turkey] July to September 1920 [26pp typescript]
II. Mesopotamia [Iraq] October 1920 to February 1921 [38pp typescript]
Conclusion: India; March-April 1921 [manuscript]
HHJ-34 Collection of manuscript letters relating to continued work as RAF Special Service Officer in Iraq, 1927-29 (see also HHJ-17 covering 1924-26)
HHJ-35 Firm Earth My Comrade: Memoirs of a Grounded Airman. Very substantial (500+ pages) set of typescript memoirs covering the period 1929-1952. This entry links to annotations prepared by John Barnard in 2020, and the sub-entries below link to scans of the individual episodes. From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
Foreword (4pp)
Episode 1 (Feb-July 1929) On sick leave in France, England, Germany, Italy; Return to Iraq (14pp)
Episode 2 (Aug 1929 – Feb 1930) Convalescent in England (14pp)
Episode 3 (Mar–Dec 1930) Further Sick Leave in France, Spain, England, Portugal and Tangier (24pp)
Episode 4 (Jan–Jun 1931) Invalided out of RAF; England, Tangier; Death of Father (10pp)
Episode 5 (1931-32) Friends and Relatives in England; Visit to Morocco (11pp)
Episode 6 (1933-34) Unemployment Club (17pp)
Episode 7 (1934) Living in London (3pp)
Episode 8 (1935) Cargo ships in Mediterranean and Black Sea (47pp)
Episode 9 (1935-36) Back to the Middle East (9pp)
Episode 10 (1936-37) Civilian Liaison Officer (Middle East) with RAF (32pp)
Episode 11 (1937) Saudi Arabia (26pp)
Episode 12 (Jun-Dec 1937) Liaison Officer, Middle East (14pp)
Episode 13 (1938-39) Living in Egypt with Mother (14pp)
Episode 14 (1939-40) Cyprus leave, transfer to Army HQ, suspension and resignation (20pp)
Episode 15 (Sep-Dec 1940) Car Accident in Cairo (4pp)
Episode 16 (1941) Working for BOAC and Meeting Arab Royalty and Politicians (23pp)
Episode 17 (Jan-Aug 1942) British humiliation of Farouk, visits to Kenya, Sudan, Eritrea, Persia, Turkey; Farouk’s meeting with Churchill (26pp)
Episode 18 (Aug 1942–Sep 1943) Resignation from BOAC; Welfare Club at Benha (29pp)
Episode 19 (1944-1947) Cairo: Disputes with Embassy (42pp)
Episode 20 Random Thoughts (45pp)
Episode 21 (1947-1949) Australia, England (29pp)
Epilogue (1951-52) Egyptian Revolution (54pp)
Supplementary material, for which I have been unable to find context in the preceding Episodes (6pp):
  • Sharing a flat at Giza with Ken Bodden; memories of Lord Kinross and Gerald de Gaury
  • Notes on attack on Anglican Cathedral in Cairo
  • Note on newly-wed Ambassadress
  • Discussions on Christian leadership and on human sexuality
HHJ-36 Memorandum from HHJ, 2 Nov 1942, with details of his service history and other work, and complaining about the continuing failure of the authorities to offer him any employment on war service [9pp typescript, with typescript copy of letter from Group Captain K.C. Buss (18 Nov 1937) and extract from Foreign Office letter (8 Nov 1937), and manuscript copy of letter from Air Officer Commanding RAF Middle East (13 Feb 1939)]
HHJ-37 Précis Concerning my Circumstances in Egypt Since 1936, dated Nov 1953 [multiple copies typescript, some 3pp, some 4pp]
HHJ-38 Some Aspects of the Present Situation in Cairo as Noted from an Unofficial Angle, dated 15 Sep 1954 [multiple copies of 8pp typescript with 1p errata]
  • Lest We Forget, memorandum remembering Prince Mohamed Ali and his Private Secretary Yousef Taha Bey and other members of the Egyptian Royal entourage [9pp typescript (2 copies) plus original manuscript, and covering letter to Eric James from Patrick Kingsley (Duchy of Cornwall office) dated 12 Sep 1961.
  • Memorandum discussing changes in Egypt since the 1952 revolution, dated June 1961 (5pp typescript (4 copies)]
HHJ-40 HHJ's Will (dated 12 Sep 1963) and Grant of Probate to his brother E.T. James and cousin A.G.T. James (Executors) dated 15 May 1969 Copy downloaded from HM Probate Registry, Feb 2020
HHJ-41 Iraq: An Epilogue. Comments following the Iraqi coup d'état and deposition and murder of members of the Royal family on 14 July 1958 [Multiple copies: manuscript and three different typescripts; scanned one has 4pp]
HHJ-42 Material concerning HHJ's work with support clubs for unemployed men in London (principally the Crypt Club, the Oval House Club and the summer athletic camps at Sutton Courtenay), 1933-35.  See also HHJ-43
Prince Visits Campers: Oxford - Canvas colony of workless welcomes HRH! Royal visitor spends carefree day with unemployed from his London estate. British Paramount News newsreel film about visit of Prince of Wales to Oval House Club summer camp at Sutton Courtenay. Original film reel in metal canister.
Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
Miscellaneous correspondence and reports. [Still to be sorted, Sep 2020]
Original material from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-43 Scrapbook of press cuttings and other material relating to the club schemes for unemployed men of the Kennington district November 1932-1934 (see also HHJ-42).

The scrapbook also contains much other material, some loose and some held in with paper clips, relating to work in the Middle East 1936 to 1950s, which probably needs sor of ofting (Sep 2020) and separate cataloguing. This includes:

  • correspondence on Women's Health Improvement Association 1950-55 (front cover)
  • undated (probably circa 1950) report on Arab refugees in Gaza
  • guide to British forces entering Asmara, 1941 (p. 73)
  • HHJ's wartime identity documents (p. 80)
  • miscellaneous invitations
  • report on criminal activity at estate of Ali Pasha Fahmy at Benha (30 Jul 1943), with note on how HHJ came to reside there (p. 108)
  • passenger list for RMS Strathaird Sydney-London June/July 1948 (p. 134)
  • obituaries for HHJ's mother (Mrs Mary Edith James) (p. 141)
  • newspaper cutting on language training for RAF officers in the Middle east, dated 1920 (p. 168)
  • report for Christ Church United Claubs 1948-49
HHJ-44 Lawrence of Arabia: An Epilogue and Vindication. Scrapbook of press cuttings and other material on T.E. Lawrence, compiled 25 Feb 1955. Several criticising Richard Aldington's 1955 biography of Lawrence, including HHJ's own (unpublished) letter to the Daily Telegraph. Also several pages of manuscript notes. [HHJ's 1917 service in the Hedjaz - see HHJ/32/1 - gave air support to Lawrence's campaign there, but he only met him briefly in Cairo some time later.]
HHJ-45 Royal Flying Corps Graduation Certificates 4 and 8 Aug 1916
HHJ-46 British Joint Services communiques on Egyptian situation 13 Dec 1951 to 24 Jan 1952
HHJ-47 Photograph album (brown cover) with mixed collection of photographs including:
  • Italy (Taormina, Rome), 1949
  • Brother and Hindle cousins, 1954
  • James cousins at Henley regatta, 1949
  • Hindle cousins at Chilworth 1915
  • Family group at Monmouth, circa 1910
  • HHJ's horse "Paddy"
  • Norman and Ethel Lamplugh, 1951
  • Cairo 1954, 1945-6, 1957
HHJ-48 Bound file (red cover) of correspondence, marked "Vol II. Notes on Various Endeavours in the cause of some human problems which have come my way":
  • Hospital reform in Egypt and reconciliation between British Bishop in Egypt and HM the King of Egypt, 1943-50
  • Welfare cooperation at Terang, Victoria, Australia, 1948
  • Child welfare in Cairo 1949-55
  • Arab refugees at Gaza 1950-52
HHJ-49 Bound file (green cover) of correspondence 1961-62: "Record of an attempted private initiative to assist in aiding British subjects and friends sympathetic to British ideals still in urgent need in Egypt, because of the Suez Crisis, and other disasters" (with covering note from Hugh Carless at Foreign Office to HHJ's brother Eric)
HHJ-50 Miscellaneous correspondence concerning HHJ's furniture and rugs stored with Ethel James and Daphne Grenfell (1960)
HHJ-51 Miscellaneous correspondence concerning compensation claim from Egyptian government June-Aug 1968
HHJ-52 Some Literary Browsings: 16 Brief Essays. Hardback bound typescript, possibly of undergraduate essays. With heraldic bookplate and photo of HHJ
HHJ-53 Bound volume of writings (typescript)
  • Three short stories (An Eastern Sunset (7pp), Sacred or Profane (36pp), Lost Loyalties (11pp))
  • Desert Encounters, Oct 1924 [possibly shares material with HHJ/17/4 and HHJ/17/5]
  • Six brief literary essays
HHJ-54 Hardback volume of typescript poems by HHJ (with one by his father), and miscellaneous loose inserts
HHJ-55 Miscellaneous poems on loose typescript sheets, some dated (late WW1 to early 1920s)
HHJ-56 Royal Aero Club record card (dated 17 Jul 1916) and photograph Images supplied by John Grech, 10 Apr 2009 (probably from RAF Museum Archives)
HHJ-57 Photograph album: Egypt, Palestine, Hedjaz, UK, Italy 1917-1918; Convalescence 1919; Cairo 1920; Turkey and Iraq 1920; India 1921; Monmouth 1921; Hospital 1921-1922 [Black cover, 16.5x37cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-58 Photograph album: Iraq 1924-1929; Egypt 1946, 1950s [Black cover, 30.5x25cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-59 Photograph album: Continental Europe 1929-1931 [Brown cover with back missing, 23x17.5cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-60 Photograph album: Spain and Portugal 1930; Morocco 1931; Cornwall July 1930 with Robert Jope-Slade [Black cover, 23x17cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-61 Photograph album: Tangier and Spain 1931; Mediterranean/Black sea voyages 1935; Voyage to Egypt 1935-1936 [Red-brown cover, 27x20cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-62 Photograph album: England 1931; Middle East 1930s-1940s; Sudan and Kenya, 1940s [Brown cover, 32x25.5cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-63 Photograph album: Kuwait 1926-1929; Gaza 1951-52; Unemployment Clubs, London 1932; Photographs of mother; Kenya 1942; Jeddah 1937; Cairo 1940 [Brown cover with back missing, 35x26cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-64 Photograph album: Australia 1947-1948; Mackinnon family circa 1949 [Black cover, 31x24cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-65 Photograph album: Egypt 1950s [Green cover, 22x15.5cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-66 Photograph album: "Some Homes" - photographs of HHJ's homes in Egypt 1930s-1950s, in India, Tunbridge Wells and Higham (childhood) and in Iraq 1920s [Red cover, 29x38cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-67 Photograph album: 1960s [Green cover, 34x24cm] Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-68Bound copies of several issues of The Sphinx (English language illustrated Cairo magazine), 1946 containing articles by HHJ. Green cover, label on front "Reminiscences, essays and verses, concerning some Middle Eastern personalities and places by HHJ". Some articles marked with slips of papers:
  • 9 Feb 1946 (pp. 22-24) Some Glimpses of HM King Farouk
  • 23 Feb 1946 (pp. 18-19) HRH Prince Mohamed Aly
  • 9 Mar 1946 (pp. 18-20) HM King Abdul el Sa'ud
  • 9 Dec 1944 (p. 17) Photo of HHJ with Air Marshall Sir Keith Park and a very large tortoise
Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-69Bound copy of book in French: Evolution de la Législation sur la Presse en Égypte by Adel Maguid Sadik Ramdam (Librarie Judiciare au bon Livre (Ibrahimieh): Alexandrie, 1936). Lettered on spine "Squadron-Leader Hindle James QBE" [sic]Original item from Challongsleigh; held by John Barnard
HHJ-70Copy of The Cairo Incident: Memoir of a Life-Changing Experience by Norman Lang (Camp Hill, PA, USA: The Sunbury Press, 2011). Describes the author's experiences in Cairo in 1965. References to HHJ on pp. 3, 74, 83-85, 88, 150, 163. Inscribed by the author "To John, in memory of an old friend, Harold Hindle James, Norm Lang", with copies of e-mail exchanges.Copy given to John Barnard by the author, 2011.
HHJ-71Copy of The Imitation of Buddha. Quotations from Buddhist Literature for Each Day of the Year, compiled by Ernest M. Bowden, Methuen, 6th Ed. 1911. Inscribed "H. Hindle James, Cairo, 1/II/20"Held by Astrid Garran