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Rosher and Hindle Families

Some of these papers were inherited from my grandfather Lionel James (via my uncle Bob James); others were discovered in the summer of 2010, at "Challonsleigh", Whitchurch, Tavistock, Devon, which was the home of my grandfather's nephew Eric Trevenen James. The current catalogue is incomplete.

John Barnard
Updated 6 February 2023

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ROSH-1 Three letters from Joseph Hindle (1838-91) to his daughter Mary Edith James (1864-1947) from Chiela, Peru. Dated 20 Mar, 13 Jul and 6 Sep 1891. From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
ROSH-2 Letter in Spanish dated 1886 From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
ROSH-3Membership Certificate in the Institution of Civil Engineers for Joseph Hindle, 2 Dec 1879From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
ROSH-4Birth brief for Susannah Elizabeth James (née Rosher) (c.1830-1902) prepared by Lionel James. Probably based in part on ROSH/5Original document held by John Barnard
ROSH-5Annotated manuscript pedigree of descendants of Jeremiah and Margaret Rosher 1641 to 1823. Marked "copy" and signed "G.B.R. [probably George Brenchley Rosher (1852-1926)] 23 Mar 1895". Primarily based on parish register of St Mary, Rotherhithe Original document held by John Barnard
ROSH-6Manuscript pedigree showing descendants of James (d. 1692) and Mary (d. 1690) Nunn, and of Rev George Lauder (c. 1636-1720) with connections to Gladdish, Rosher, Winckworth, Hulkes and Milroy families. Undated and in unknown hand; latest entry shown is dated 1900. With enclosing envelope addressed to Miss I.R. Rosher postmarked Ashford 9 Aug 1939. Original document held by John Barnard
ROSH-7Miriam Griffiths, "No mourning, no pall, no shroud, no symbolical flowers and an 8 cwt coffin: the will and funeral of Lucia Anne Maria Rosher, 1830-1927". Article privately published by Llanthony Valley and District History Society 2023

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