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Mordaunt, Martin and Related Families

The Barnard connection to the Mordaunt Earls of Peterborough is via the Martin family - Sophia Mordaunt (1706-1752), a daughter a younger brother of the 3rd Earl of Peterborough, married Sir Roger Martin, 3rd Bt. (c. 1679-1762), and their grand-daughter Everilda Dorothea (c. 1767-1839) married Rev. Thomas Barnard (c. 1765-1799), Vicar of Great Amwell. Mordaunt has been extensively used as a given name in all subsequent generations of Barnards. This page catalogues source documents relating to the Mordaunt, Martin and other related families. 

A number of items came from the clearance of the house of my late cousin Ian Morin (1935-2023) at Rhdgaled Uchaf, Harlech, and were themselves derived from the clearance of the house of his mother Nea Morin (nee Barnard) (1905-1986) at 17 Church Road, Tunbridge Wells, which had previously been the home of her father Percy Mordaunt Barnard (1868-1941). Some of these items have remained with family members; others were sold at auction by Walter Lloyd Jones Saleroom of Barmouth on 27 March 2024..

Updated 17 Apr 2024

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MOR-1 Typescript "description of the Mordaunt Bible from A.W. Codd" (3 sides). Quotes text of manuscript entries written in a Book of Common Prayer by Elizabeth, wife of John Mordaunt who was tried for conspiring against the Protector. The entries refer to their marriage on 7 May 1657, the birth of Charles Mordaunt (4 Feb 1657-8); acquittal of her husband, 2 June 1658; birth of John Mordaunt 20 Mar 1658-9; birth of Charlot Mordaunt 21 Jun 1660; birth of Cary Mordaunt 29 Jul 1661; birth of Harry Mordaunt 29 Mar 1663; Sophia Mordaunt, born 15 Jul 1664; Louis Mordaunt, born 12 Dec 1665; Anne Mordaunt, born 5 Mar 1667; Osbert Mordaunt, born 2 Mar 1668; Osmond Mordaunt, born 13 Oct 1669; George Mordaunt, born 3 Dec 1675. This refers to the Mordaunt Bible [MOR/2] Given to John Barnard by Nea Morin, circa 1980
MOR-2 Original 1638 Book of Common Prayer and Holy Bible with manuscript entries by Elizabeth Viscountess Mordaunt, as transcribed in document MOR/1. [Extensively annotated transcript with images of manuscript entries prepared by John Barnard, October 2022] From Ian Morin's house, 2023
MOR-3 Anecdotes &c. of Elizabeth Viscountess Mordaunt Commencing 1656. London: F.C. & J. Rivington (1810). Printed volume bound by Lilian Taunton (paper sticker on inside cover), 137pp. "Extracts from the Lady Mordaunt's manuscript 1656". No inscriptions. Appears to be an earlier (partial?) publication of "The Diarie of Viscountess Mordaunt", edited by Robert Jocelyn, Earl of Roden, which appeared in 1856. - see item MOR/7] From Ian Morin's house, 2023
MOR-4 Virgil Scott, I, John Mordaunt. Pan Books, paperback (1966) [First published New York, Harcourt Brace (1964)]. Historial novel based on the life of 1st Viscount Mordaunt of Avalon, probably of dubious historical accuracy. From Ian Morin's house, 2023
MOR-5 Elizabeth Hamilton, The Old House at Walton. More About the Mordaunts. Salisbury: Michael Russell (1988). Copy signed by the author [This book is concerned with the Mordaunt Baronets, who are only very distantly related to the Earls of Peterborough] From Ian Morin's house, 2023
MOR-6 Manuscript note made by John Barnard at 17 Church Road, Tunbridge Wells, 17 Oct 1980. This appears to relate to a document seen there, though it was not among the material seen at Ian Morin's on 27 Jul 2015. The note refer to "The Proceedings of a General Court-Martial held ... Dec 1757 ... upon the Trial of Lt.-Gen. Sir John Mordaunt. Published 1758" [This work available in digitised form at

This John Mordaunt was the son of Lt.-Gen. Harry Mordaunt, younger brother of 3rd Earl of Peterborough
Held by John Barnard
MOR-7 The Diarie of Viscountess Mordaunt, edited by Robert Jocelyn, Earl of Roden. Privately printed, Duncairn, (1856). [Published transcript of the manuscript original, which is held by the current Earl of Roden, and which he kindly showed me in August 2022. There is a digitised copy at]. There is also a manuscript note about the published version which I made when I saw it at 17 Church Road, Tunbridge Wells, 17 Oct 1980. From Ian Morin's house, 2023
MOR-8Portrait print of Charles Mordaunt, 3rd Earl of Peterborough in oval frame (2 photos taken 26 Jul 2015) by John Simon, after a Michael Dahl mezzotint. There is another impression of this print at the National Portrait Gallery (NPG D15445) []. See also MOR/18 and MOR-19.Held by Lady Denise Evans
MOR-9Nadine Akkerman, Invisible Agents: Women and Espionage in Seventeenth-Century Britain, Oxford University Press 2018 (paperback edition 2020). Chapter 5 (pp. 185-181) is concerned with Elizabeth Carey, Viscountess Mordaunt.Paperback edition purchased by John Barnard, 2022
MOR-10The Letter-Book of John Viscount Mordaunt 1658-1660. [The original manuscript is held at the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, GB 133 Eng MS 55. The items listed below are publications relating to it.]
Mary Coate, The Letter-Book of John Viscount Mordaunt 1658-1660. Edited transcript . Royal Historical Society Camden Third Series, Vol. LXIX []
Cedric C. Brown, “The Story of the Mordaunt Letter-Book in the Rylands Library. The Eloquence of Incompletion”, Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library, 94 (2) 51-71 (2018) []
Copy held by John Barnard
MOR-11B. Burke, Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited, and Extinct Peerages. London: Harrison (1883). pp. 379-381 [entries for Mordaunt peerages]Photographed at TNA, Sep 2022
MOR-12G.E.C[okayne] et al., The Complete Peerage, 2nd Ed., Vol IX. London: St Catherine Press (1936). pp. 193-203 [entries for Mordaunt peerages]Photographed at TNA, Sep 2022
MOR-13The Several Tryals of Sir Henry Slingsby, Kt., John Hewet, D.D., and John Mordant, Esq., for High Treason. London printed: [s.n.] (1658).  [Official report of the trial of John Mordaunt] Copies are available at several libraries ( with a transcript at  and a scanned version at From Ian Morin's house, 2023
MOR-14 (previously MART-1)Framed portrait print of Everilda Dorothea Smith, Lady Mordaunt Martin. Two notes are pasted to the back of the frame. The first reads: "Everilda Dorothea, daughter of the Revd. William Smith, Rector of Burnham Westgate in Norfolk and wife of Sir Mordaunt Martin who resided there. She died in 1800. This portrait of her was taken from a private plate engraved about 1765 after a picture in crayon by Cotes, lately belonging to the Beaumont family in Yorkshire, her relations, and now transferred to the Revd. Mordaunt Barnard, her grandson. The present impression was found at the Strawberry Hill sale in June 1842, of the celebrated collection there, made originally by Horace Walpole, and afterwards the property of Lord Waldegrave. This print is very scarce". The second reads "Portrait of Everlda Dorothea, wife of Sir Mordaunt Martin (née Smith). Died 1800. This engraving is taken from a private plate which was engraved about 1763. A copy was in the Strawberry Hill sale of June 1842. The picture by Cotes formerly belonged to the Beaumonts of Yorkshire and afterwards to the Rev. Mordaunt Barnard, Lady Martin's grandson. The engraving is very scarce."Held by Lady Denise Evans.
MOR-15 (previously MAR-2)Scanned extract from A General History of the County of Norfolk, vol 1, Norwich: John Stacey (1829), page 32. Biographical notes on Sir Mordaunt Martin. Scan taken 25 Jun 2009Held by John Barnard
MOR-16Silhouette miniatures from clearance of Ian Morin's house.
  1. Louisa Mary Ann Wolley (née Martin). Identified on back “Mrs Isaac Wooley [sic]. Louisa Mary Corine [sic], dau. of Sir Mordaunt and Everilda Dorothea Martin, b. 6 Jul 1771. Married Nov 29 1796 to Isaac Wolley Esq., RN. Went to Jamaica Dec 15 1808”.
  2. Her husband Commr Isaac Wolley (identified on back)
Louisa was the daughter of Sir Mordaunt Martin (see MOR/17) and sister of Everilda Dorothea Martin who married Rev. Thomas Barnard in 1792.
Sold at Walter Lloyd Jones auction 27 Mar 2024 (item 1 part of lot 300; item 2 part of lot 301)
MOR-17Silhouette Miniature of Sir Mordaunt Martin (c. 1740-1815) from clearance of Ian Morin's house. Identified with label on reverse “Sir M. Mordaunt cop[ie]d for Com[mande]r Woolley, Feb. 1814. ? a mistake for Sir Mordaunt Martin. M.B.” The handwriting is that of Rev. Mordaunt Barnard, Sir Mordaunt Martin’s grandson. Sir Mordaunt’s daughter Louisa Mary Ann Martin (bapt. 1771) married Capt. Isaac Wolley, RN (see MOR-16). The artist is not identified, but the style is that of the well-known silhouette artist John Miers, who certainly produced a silhouette of SirMordaunt’s grandson Thomas Mordaunt Rosenhagen Barnard [ BAR/107].Sold at Walter Lloyd Jones auction 27 Mar 2024 (part of Lot 301)
MOR-18Portrait print of Charles Mordaunt (1658-1735), 3rd Earl of Peterborough by Pieter Stevens van Gunst, based on an oil portrait by Godfrey Kneller (NPG 5867). There is another impression of this print at the National Portrait Gallery (NPG D40172). See also MOR/8 and MOR/19.From Ian Morin's house, 2023
MOR-19Portrait print of Charles Mordaunt (1658-1735), 3rd Earl of Peterborough by Jacobus Houbraken, based on an oil portrait by Godfrey Kneller (NPG 5867). There is another impression of this print at the National Portrait Gallery (NPG D31408). See also MOR/8 and MOR/18.Given to John Barnard by Osbert Barnard
MOR-20Photos of the memorial to John Mordaunt, Viscount Mordant (1626-1675) at All Saints Parish Church, Fulham, London, and related materialTaken by john Barnard, March 2024