Index of Family Trees

This page provides an index to all the family trees (pedigrees) available on this website. These trees have been manually laid out so as to show the often complex multiple connections between different families as clearly as possible, on sheets that, as well as being displayable in a web browser, are also suitable for printing on standard ISO A-series sized paper. Within each tree clickable hyperlinks are provided both to "neighbouring" trees (grey boxes) and to biographical information about individuals (yellow boxes).

The main links below are to web pages in SVG format, which can be scrolled up, down, left and right in a normal web browser. There are also links to printable files in PDF format, which can be downloaded and opened using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader. The trees can be printed directly from this (either on multiple sheets, or using the option to "shrink oversized pages", depending on the paper size available on your printer). Many commercial print shops and services can supply printouts of PDF files on large paper sizes at reasonable prices. The tables below show the paper size for which each tree has been prepared - if A2-sized trees are shrunk to fit on A4 paper, the print is small, but still legible. The PDF files also contain the links to adjoining trees and biographical notes on this website, which will open if the relevant box is clicked when the PDF file is open on a computer with an Internet link.

PadlockBecause of concerns about privacy and identity theft, trees showing living family members are intended only for distribution within the family, and a username and password are required to view them. These can be obtained from me. Please note that the passwords for access were changed in April 2024, following a change of the website's hosting platform.

Technical note: The trees have been prepared using using the LibreOffice Draw program (version 7), from which the SVG and PDF files have been exported.

John Barnard
6 Apr 2024

Paternal Side - Barnard, Taunton

Paternal Ancestor Table (7 generations) A3 PDF

Barnard Pedigree
with links to Drake, Elwes, Henslow, Hooker, Martin, Mordaunt, Rosenhagen and Thiselton-Dyer
Descendants of Percy Mordaunt Barnard Padlock A3 PDF
Descendants of Louisa and Everilda Barnard Padlock
(successively wives of Edward Dundas of Manour)

Taunton Pedigree A2 PDF
Descendants of Alice Mary Taunton Padlock A3 PDF

Maternal Side - James, Rosher, Clabburn, Pearsall

Maternal Ancestor Table (7 generations) A3 PDF

James and Trevenen Pedigree A1 PDF
James, Coulson and Leah Pedigree A2 PDF
Rosher Pedigree A2 PDF
Hindle Pedigree
with links to James, Henderson, Neville, Radcliffe, Rosher, Pennington, Templeton and van Straubenzee
Descendants of Henry Rosher James Padlock A3 PDF
Descendants of Lionel James Padlock A2 PDF

Clabburn Pedigree A2 PDF
Pearsall Pedigree
with links to Hamilton-ffinney, Carttar and Stanhope (Earls of Harrington)
Descendants of Ethel James Padlock
(née Clabburn)
Descendants of Charles Clabburn and of Adèle Roberton Padlock
(both née Clabburn)
Descendants of Walter Clabburn Padlock A2 PDF
Descendants of Dorothy Pearson and of Viva Lawrence Padlock
(both née Clabburn)