Family Trees

Family trees on this website are provided in two formats:

The main links in this site are to the scrollable web-pages; links to the printable PDF files are provided in brackets in the list below and elsewhere. For a few trees only a PDF file is available at present, but I plan to add scrollable web-page versions in the near future.

PadlockBecause of concerns about privacy and identity theft, trees showing living family members are intended only for distribution within the family, and a username and password are required to view them. These can be obtained from me.

Technical note: I have created these family trees manually using the LibreOffice Draw program version 4.3, and saved the files in both SVG format (for the scrollable web-pages) and PDF format.


Barnard Family [Printable PDF] [Updated 15 Jun 2010]

This tree shows my Barnard ancestors going back to the late 17th century, with connections to the Elwes, Neville-Rolfe and Dundas families.

Clabburn Family [Printable PDF] [Updated 21 Feb 2020]

My maternal grandmother came from this family of Norwich weavers and shawl manufacturers; this tree shows them from the late 18th to mid 20th centuries.

James and Trevenen Families [Printable PDF - A1 size] [Updated 26 Mar 2018]

My maternal grandfather was Lionel James (1868-1948), who was headmaster of Monmouth Grammar School. His ancestors came from west Cornwall, and this tree shows his direct paternal ancestry, and the extraordinarily complicated multiple marriages between members of the James, Trevenen and other families.

James, Coulson and Leah Families [Printable PDF] [Updated 20 May 2015]

Two other west Cornwall families, the Coulsons and the Leahs, also intermarried with the Jameses multiple times, and this tree illustrates these connections. 

Rosher Family [Printable PDF] [Updated 24 May 2015]

Lionel James's mother came from the Rosher family, who were successful businessmen from Kent, but also owned an estate in Monmouthshire.

Ancestors and Connections of Rosey de Pearsall [Printable PDF] [Updated 26 Mar 2018]

Rosey de Pearsall was my maternal grandmother's mother, and the grand-daughter of the composer Robert Lucas Pearsall.  This tree shows her descent from the Pearsall, Hobday, Hamilton-ffinney and Lee families.  It also shows her connections to the Clabburn and Carttar families, and to the Stanhope family (Earls of Harrington), and through them to the Royal Family.


The following trees aim to show all the descendants of all my four sets of great-grandparents. Since they include current generations, they have a tendancy to grow as families continue to multiply in the biblically-recommended fashion. At present there seem to be two or three new babies every year, and in order that I can keep these trees up to date, I'd be grateful to be informed (see contact details) of all new additions, and of any errors or omissions.  

Descendants of Rev. Mordaunt Barnard (1795-1885) - my father's father's father

Mordaunt Barnard married twice. The first of these trees shows his descendants by his first wife Maria Bolton (as far as I have been able to trace them). The second shows those (including myself) by his second wife, who was his cousin Adelaide Sophia Barnard.

Mordaunt Barnard and Maria Bolton [Printable PDF] Padlock [Updated 1 May 2015]

Mordaunt Barnard and Adelaide Barnard [Printable PDF] Padlock [Updated 1 May 2015]

Descendants of Rev. Frederick Taunton (1815-1904) - my father's mother's father

[In preparation]

Descendants of George Coulson James (1828-1875) and Susannah Elizabeth Rosher (c. 1830-1902) - my mother's father's parents

Two of their four children died unmarried; separate trees are used for the descendants of the other two:

Henry Rosher James [Printable PDF] [Updated 24 Aug 2015]

Lionel James [Printable PDF] Padlock [Updated 4 May 2019]

Descendants of Arthur Edward Clabburn (1849-1901) and Rosey de Pearsall (c. 1861-1922) - my mother's mother's parents

The descendants of their six children are now so numerous that they are divided between four separate trees:

Ethel [Printable PDF]Padlock  [Updated 19 May 2019]

Charles and Adèle [Printable PDF]Padlock [Updated 3 Dec 2015]

Walter [Printable PDF]Padlock [Updated 4 May 2019]

Dorothy and Viva [Printable PDF]Padlock [Updated 10 Aug 2019]