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Taunton, Wild and Tucker Families

This catalogue includes items related to the Taunton, Wild and Tucker families, who were ancestors of my paternal grandmother, Alice Mary Barnard (née Taunton). A Taunton family tree is shown here. Alice's maternal grandparents were Commissiary-General Henry James Wild and Mary Tudor Tucker of Bermuda, whose mother Hester was the inspiration for the Irish poet Tom Moore's Odes to Nea

This catalogue includes several items from the clearance of my late cousin Ian Morin's house.

John Barnard
Updated 17 Apr 2024

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TAU-1 Manuscript chart pedigree of Wild Family showing descendants of James Wild (1750-1801) and Sarah Heard. Signed by Elizabeth H.M. Wild, 25 Jan 1934. Some additions in  the hand of Nea Morin Given to John Barnard by Nea Morin, c. 1980
TAU-2 Manuscript chart pedigree in unknown hand showing descendants of Louisa Tucker and [unnamed] Saunders including Sir Frederick Saunders. Given to John Barnard by Nea Morin, c. 1980
TAU-3Manuscript chart pedigree in unknown hand showing desceandants of "Nea" Tucker of Bermuda, including Flora Taunton and children and various Saunders descendantsGiven to John Barnard by Nea Morin, c. 1980
TAU-4The Tauntons of Oxford by One of Them [William Garnett Taunton], London: Elliot Stock (1902). [Narrative family history, writen by the elder half-brother of Alice Mary Barnard (née Taunton), along with family trees, discussion of the coat of arms, etc. See also TAU/12]From Ian Morin's house, 2023
TAU-5J.C.L. Clark, Tom Moore in Bermuda: A Bit of Literary Gossip. Boston, Mass.: Smith and McCance (1909). [Account of the Irish poet Tom Moore's sojurn in Bermuda in 1804, when he was inspired to write his "Odes to Nea" by Hester Louisa Tucker (1786-1817)]. See also TAU/13.
Copy inscribed to “Mr T.F. Dillon Croker F.S.A. with the gratitude and respect of J.C.L. Clark, 21 March 1910.” [Croker’s father had sent Moore some Irish songs, which Moore used for his Irish Melodies, but I am not aware of any connection Croker had with Hester Tucker’s descendants].
A postcard (postmarked 13 Dec 1907) inserted inside the cover shows Hester Tucker’s house in Bermuda, and was sent by Ethel Taunton to her sister Alice Mary Barnard (both were great-grand-daughters of Hester’s) during a visit to Bermuda.
From Ian Morin's house, 2023
TAU-6Finely bound books given to Rev Frederick Taunton by the teachers of St Pauls’s & St Peter’s Ragged School, Hammersmith (where Taunton was Curate 1844-53 and 1867-75), June 1853, with inscriptions to him.
  1. A.P. Stanley, Life and Correspondence of Thomas Arnold (6th Ed., London: B. Fellowes, 1846)
  2. Richard Chevenix Trench, Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord (3rd Ed., London: John W. Parker, 1850)
From Ian Morin's house, 2023
TAU-7Two photographs with thin cardboard cover. Though marked “The Rectory, Headley Down??” they actually show the Old Vicarage at Kingswood, where Frederick Taunton was Vicar 1876-1901.From Ian Morin's house, 2023
TAU-8Envelope marked “Winifred 102” containing photographs and press cuttings concerning Winifred Estelle Taunton (née Smith) (1873-1976), the wife of Rev. Edward Willoughby Taunton (1874-1953).From Ian Morin's house, 2023
TAU-9Envelope marked “Agatha Photos” containing variety of photographs and a press cutting from Surrey Mirror and County Post of 5 Aug 1966 concerning the Old Vicarage at Kingswood. Photos include one marked “Lilian, Agatha Gertie” [presumably Alice Barnard’s three younger sisters], one marked “Grandfather Wild” and “Dear Flora, with love from Lou Hunter” [presumably Commissary-General Henry James Wild (1793-1873) – Louisa Elizabeth Hunter, née Wild (1839-1934) was Flora Taunton’s sister], one marked “mother” [presumably Flora Charlotte Taunton, née Wild (1843-1924)]. Also a smaller envelope containing four photos – two identical (one marked Flora Charlotte Taunton), one showing the gravestone of Mabel Gertrude de Salis (née Taunton), and one showing a couple (of which the woman appears to be Flora Taunton).
From Ian Morin's house, 2023
TAU-10Framed portrait of Sir William Elias Taunton (1773-1835), Judge of the Kings Bench. This appears to be a black-and-white reproduction of the oil portrait by Henry Perronet Briggs, of which the original is at Christ Church Oxford ( A reproduction also appears as the frontispiece of The Tauntons of Oxford by One of Them [TAU/4]. Sir William is not to be confused with his father, also Sir William Elias Taunton (1744-1825), Town Clerk of Oxford (see TAU/11).
From Ian Morin's house, 2023
TAU-11Caricature etching of Sir William Elias Taunton (1744-1825), Town Clerk of Oxford. This print by Robert Dighton is well known – there are three impressions at the National Portrait Gallery alone, though at least one of them ( misidentifies the sitter as Sir William Elias Taunton (1773-1835), Judge of the Kings Bench, who was his eldest son (see TAU/10). In August 2023 an impression was being offered for sale by Sanders of Oxford at £65.From Ian Morin's house, 2023
TAU-12Medal struck in commemoration of the new grant of arms made to Rev. Frederick Taunton in 1886 and extensively discussed in The Tauntons of Oxford by One of Them [TAU/4], which shows a reproduction of the medal on p. 45.From Ian Morin's house, 2023; held by Natasha Evans
TAU-13Two silhouette miniatures of Hester Louisa Tucker (1786–1818), “Nea”, of Bermuda. Hester Tucker was the inspiration behind the Irish poet Tom Moore’s Odes to Nea (see TAU/5), which name was given to her great-great-granddaughter Nea Everilda Morin (née Barnard).Sold at Walter Lloyd Jones auction 27 Mar 2024 (part of Lot 300)