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James Family

This page catalogues those documents and photographs concerning the James family which are not more specifically associated to individual family members, who have separate catalogues.  At present these catalogues remain work in progress, with many papers not yet listed.

Some of these items have been passed down from Lionel James via various of his children. Others were discovered in the summer of 2010, in the possession of Geoffrey Fox (b. 1938), the stepson of Eric Trevenen James, who still owns Eric James's house, "Challonsleigh", Whitchurch, Tavistock, Devon, though he and his wife spend most of the year at their farm in Tanzania. In the summer of 2010 I made two visits to the Foxes in Devon, and Geoffrey Fox gave me all the papers he had.

John Barnard
Updated 1 December 2021

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Description Location
JAM/1 MS family trees in various hands, including Margaret Baliol Beagley (nee Scott) From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
JAM/2 Folding leather photo frame with pictures of children (? Mollie and Huck ?) From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
JAM/3 Album of photos (unidentified) From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
JAM/4 Photos of Mackinnon family From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
JAM/5 Unidentified photos, marked (possibly in hand of Henry Rosher James) as "family". One appears to be his brother Bertram Alfred James. From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
JAM/6 Original Grant of Arms to Trevenen James in original oblong box. Geoffrey Fox has passed it to his son who is named James in his step-grandfather's honour. The descendants of the original grantee are now extinct in the male line, though any descendants of his brothers Nicholas and James may be entitled to use the arms. Held by Geoff Fox's family
JAM/7 Photograph of Susannah Elizabeth James (née Rosher) and three of her four children, Edith, Bertram and Lionel. Identified and dated 1871 on reverse in unknown hand. Original print held by John Barnard.
JAM/8 Set of 17 photographs of Lionel and Ethel James's family on holiday at Bigbury-on-Sea, Devon. 1923 and 1927. Mostly of the children (Hilary, Trev, Bob, Pascha, Margaret); one identified on rear as "Viva [Clabburn] with Hil, Trev, Pac & Mog at Sea Cot, Aug 1927" Original prints held by John Barnard
JAM/9 Will and estate accounts of Susannah Elizabeth James (née Rosher) (c. 1830 - 2 Oct 1902) From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
JAM/10 Collection of family letters from the 1890s and 1900s. Mainly from Edith E. Coulson James to H.R. James, but some from Lionel James. Some concerned with the death of their brother Bertram James, some with the will of their mother Susannah James. From Challonsleigh; held by John Barnard
JAM/11 Wedding souvenir photographs of Miss Margaret Leah (1873-1959) and Captain Fitzroy T. H. Scott (1868-1926) in cardboard binding. They were married on 27 Jan 1897 in Plymouth, and were the parents of Margaret Baliol ("Peggy") Scott Held by John Barnard
JAM/12 Miscellaneous James family photographs
  1. Harry [H.R.], Berty [Bertram] and Leo [Lionel] James as children (early 1880s). Identified on reverse in unknown hand.
  2. "Leo in Greece" [Lionel sitting on steps of ruined building; probably early 1900s]. Identified on reverse in unknown hand.
  3. "Mrs George James [Susannah Elizabeth, née Rosher], Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells".  Sitting in horse-drawn carriage outside St Mark's Church on Broadwater Down. Probably late 1870s/1880s. Identified on reverse in unknown hand.
  4. "Uncle Bill (William James)" [William Carkeet James (1830-1914)]. Identified on reverse in unknown hand.
  5. "Nellie [Ellen James, née Leah (1852-1928)] and E.J. [probably Edith E.C. James (1860-1936)]". Rear view of two ladies walking in countryside, possibly early 1900s. Identified on reverse in unknown hand.
  6. "Mrs Walter Coulson sketching in Italy. Great Aunt Louisa, 3 Queen Anne's Street" [Anna Louisa Coulson, née Hartland (1840-1926), wife of Walter John Coulson (1834-1889), son of John Coulson, grandson of Richard Coulson and Joan Carkeet; see Howard & Crisp Visitation of England, vol. 15, pp. 35-37]. Identified on reverse in unknown hand.
  7. "Katherine Coulson Leah (née James) [1835-1921] & her son Thomas Noy Leah [1876-1937]. Identified on reverse in unknown hand, and in hand of Margaret Baliol Scott "Granny, Uncle Noy")
Held by John Barnard
JAM/13 Miniature portrait of Susannah Elizabeth James (née Rosher) (c. 1830-1902) Original held by Antonya Cooper
JAM/14 Collection of 9 studio photographs enclosed in wrapper inscribed (in hand of H. R. James), "M.E.H. [Mary Edith Hindle, later James], G.L.H. [Grace Lilly Hindle, later Lewin], H.H.J. [Harold Hindle James]". Probably mostly 1890s, one inscribed "Harold HindleJames aged 3 months" [i.e. summer 1894]. "1915" on one photo is a reference number, not a date. Held by John Barnard
JAM/15 Collection of 8 studio photographs in wrapper inscribed (in hand of H. R. James), "Family group portraits (early)". Photos not identified but probably George Coulson James with wife Susannah Elizabeth Rosher and family. Held by John Barnard
JAM/16 Set of five "photographs of family miniatures". One identified on back as Henry Rosher [1797-1877] in hand of Edith Coulson James; others unidentified Held by John Barnard
JAM/17 Photo of Mollie Mackinnon (née James) with her children John and Mariana Held by John Barnard
JAM/18 Unidentified late 19th century photo of a young man (James family collection) Held by John Barnard
JAM/19 Set of miscellaneous photos from James family collection. Mainly people, unidentified. Probably early 20th century. Some possibly showing Lionel James. Held by John Barnard
JAM/20 Photo of unidentified woman. Proabably pre-WW1. Found with Eric James's school letters and material relating to H.H. James and H.R. James. Held by John Barnard
JAM/21 Miscellaneous set of photos, all unidentified. Possibly relating to Lionel James's time at Monmouth School (1906-1927) Held by John Barnard
JAM/22 Miscellaneous set of photos, all unidentified. Possibly from H.H. James's time in Egypt in the 1930s, some perhaps showing Iris and Daphne Grenfell (see HHJ/35) Held by John Barnard
JAM/23 Postcards of Ely and Norwich cathedrals. From James collection. Held by John Barnard
JAM/24 Set of miscellaneous photos, possibly associated with Lionel James's time at Oxford, and others including
  • two group photos of ? undergraduates
  • postcard of Oriel window in Christ Church College dining hall
  • photos identified as Thomas Blackwell, C.S. Parker, Donald Knapp, 
  • grave of Edward Elwell Potter (C.C.C. Oxon, died at Eket [Nigeria] 3 Dec 1918 age 30
Held by John Barnard
JAM/25 Set of photos of non-family members from James collection
  1. A.D. Wagner
  2. Canon Williams of Hereford
Held by John Barnard
JAM/26 Bound photo album with red cover (13cm x 16cm) from Challonsleigh collection. Contains some 38 19th-century studio photos, all unidentified, probably of members of the James family Held by John Barnard