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Augustus Frederick James (1842-1912) and Katherine Anne Geale (1835-1903)

Augustus Frederick James (1842-1912), also known as "Nunks" or "Uncle Dick", was the youngest brother of my great-grandfather George Coulson James. His wife Katherine Anna Geale (1835-1903), known as "Kitty", was an artist.

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John Barnard
13 Apr 2019




AFJ-01 List of pictures by Kitty Geale prepared by Bob James. Further discussed with table of her pictures Original MS held by Rosie Plummer
AFJ-02 E-mail concerning Kitty Geale's pictures from Mike Harrisson to Jean Barr (5 Nov 2015). Discuses his purchase of some of them from their brother David, reframing the pictures and gives information on the original framer's name in Plymouth, and an identification label compiled by Margaret Harrisson.
Also cc'd to John Barnard and Antonya Cooper
AFJ-03Letters to and from A F James
Original MSs held by John Barnard