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Arthur Gladdish Trevenen James (1915-2004)

Wing-Commander A.G. Trevenen James, known as Trev to his family, and as Jimmy to his friends, was my mother's second brother.

John Barnard
31 Aug 2019




AGTJ-1 A.G.T. James, Some Future Spring. Typescript book (various copies) with manuscript amendments and insertions.  Original copies held by various family members
Summary comparison of different versions prepared by John Barnard, Aug 2019
Copy A - omits chapters B17 and C11-C14 and has short Epilogue
Held by Astrid Garran
Copy B - omits Prologue and chapters C11-C14 and has separate Epilogue
Held by John Barnard
Copy C - later version; has expanded Prologue, omits chapter A1, has chapters A2-A11 retyped and renumbered C1-C10, omits chapters A12-A18 and has additional chapters C11-C14 and expanded Epilogue
Held by Julien Garran
Copy D (contains no material not in either or both Copy A and Copy B)
Held by Astrid Garran
Copy E
Held by Brian Harrisson
AGTJ-2 A.G.T. James, Towards the Stars. A Career in the Royal Air Force. Typescript memoirs marked "Master Copy" (bound typescript 255pp) Original copy held by John Barnard
AGTJ-3Order of service for funeral of Trev's wife Nini, held at Salisbury Crematorium 3 Jul 2017, and text of eulogy given at the serviceOriginal copy held by John Barnard
AGTJ-4A. G. Trevenen James, The Royal Air Force: The Past 30 Years. London, Macdonald and Jane's, 1976. With inscription to the author's sister Pascha and brother-in-law Mordo Barnard, Christmas 1976Original copy held by John Barnard