Documents, photographs and references related to

The Clabburn Family

This list includes both my own collection and papers and correspondence passed to me by my uncle Bob James before his death. They relate to my maternal grandmother's family, the Clabburn family.

Documents that have been scanned are linked from the blue-shaded boxes in the first column.

John Barnard
(Updated 23 Mar 2020)




CLA-1 Michael Clabburn correspondence with Bob James, and enclosures
  1. Letter from Michael Clabburn to Bob James 26 Jan 1990
  2. Letter from Michael Clabburn to Bob James 7 Mar 1990
  3. Printout of IGI ("Mormon") (FamilySearch) records relating to Clabburn
  4. Letter from Michael Clabburn to Brighton Museum, 7 Jun 1989
  5. Letter from Leslie Cowan to Michael Clabburn, 2 Sep 1989
  6. Letter from Michael Clabburn to Betty Elzea, Delaware Art Museum, 25 Sep 1989
  7. Letter from Betty Elzea to Michael Clabburn, 18 Nov 1989
Passed to John Barnard by Bob James
Photos from St Augustine, Norwich
  • Clabburn tomb
  • Memorial plaque
  • Sandys (?) portrait of (?) Thomas Clabburn
  • Photo of Elizabeth (née Denn) Clabburn
Enclosures sent by Michael Clabburn to Bob James, and later passed to John Barnard
Photos of
  • Croft painting of Thomas Clabburn
  • Photo of Thomas Clabburn
  • Photo of Betsy Blanch Clabburn
  • Photos of Lammas Church and Lammas Hall
Enclosures sent by Michael Clabburn to Bob James, and later passed to John Barnard
MS pedigree of descendants of John Clabburn, prepared by Michael Clabburn, late 1980s
Enclosure sent by Michael Clabburn to Bob James, and later passed to John Barnard
CLA-2Miscellaneous notes on Clabburn family of Norwich assembled by Bob James, 1990s
"Clabburns of Norwich - A Family Resumé" by Bob James, early 1990s (4pp typescript)
Held by John Barnard
Typed notes from various sources (probably compiled by Bob James, early 1990s) (19pp):
  • 1851 census entries
  • Portraits in Norwich Castle Museum
  • Newspaper articles
  • Church registers and memorials
  • "Bible Entries" (probably transcribed by Michael Clabburn from a bible held by Pamela Clabburn's family)
  • etc.
Held by John Barnard
Typed notes of entries in Norwich Directories 1783-1889 (3pp)
Held by John Barnard
Typed copy of inscriptions in churchyard at Buxton Lamas (1p)
Held by John Barnard
  • Typed copy of Norwich Mercury cutting, 1834
  • Typed entries from W. Rye Norfolk Families
  • Typed copy of Norwich Mercury cutting, 1816
Held by John Barnard
Will of John  Clabburn, dated 1771, probate granted 1774
Held by John Barnard
Will of William Clabburn, dated 1792, died 1793, probate 1808
Held by John Barnard
Will of John Clabburn dated 1773
Held by John Barnard
Will of John Clabburn, confectioner and baker, dated 1792, proved 1809
Held by John Barnard
Will of Ann Clabburn, spinster dated 1795, proved 1804
Held by John Barnard
Photocopy of 1851 Norwich census entries
Held by John Barnard
Indenture for apprenticeship of John Grint to John Clabburn, baker and confectioner, dated 1791
Held by John Barnard
Photocopy of The Times notice (2 Jul 1886) for mariage of T. George Clabburn MRCS to Charlotte Ellen Spagnoletti on 30 jun 1886
Held by John Barnard
Transcript of 1768 note relating to payment of two bills of J. Claiborne's
Held by John Barnard
CLA-3Clabburns of Norwich: Correspondence with Margaret Langley [owner of Walpole house, Thorpe], Noel Crosse [descendant of W.H. Clabburn] and Documents Relating e.g. James Blyth [alias of H.J.C. Clabburn]. Documents collected by Bob James, early 1990s.Held by John Barnard
CLA-4Material on Claiborne, Cliburn etc., compiled by Michael Clabburn, with comments by Bob James, early 1990s.Held by John Barnard
CLA-5Crosse family tree showing connection to Clabburns. Probably compiled by Noel Crosse and sent to Bob James.Held by John Barnard
CLA-6Miscellaneous notes on Pamela Clabburn MBE and her ancestors, compiled by John barnardHeld by John Barnard
CLA-7Miscellaneous Clabburn pedigrees, drawn by Lionel James, Bob James and Antonya Cooper. N.B. These pedigrees incorpoate a number of errors and mis-transcriptions.Held by John Barnard
CLA-8Miscellaneous manuscript notes on the Clabburn family, by John BarnardHeld by John Barnard
CLA-9Photocopy of Will of Thomas Clabburn (1788-1858)Held by John Barnard
CLA-10Will of William Houghton Clabburn I (c.1820-1889), dated 9 Nov 1888 and proved 17 Aug 1889, with transcript and notes by John Barnard, Feb 2020Held by John Barnard
CLA-11Photocopy of Will of Thomas Clabburn (1823-1880), dated 13 Jun 1877, proved 15 Oct 1880Held by John Barnard
CLA-12Photocopy of Will of Lucy Clabburn (1856-1914), dated 28 May 1914, proved 13 Aug 1914Held by John Barnard
CLA-13-1Marriage certificate for William Houghton Clabburn and Hannah Louisa Blyth (1847)Held by John Barnard
CLA-13-2Birth certificate for Arthur Edward Clabburn (1849)Held by John Barnard
CLA-13-3Marriage certificate for Arthur Edward Clabburn and Rosey de Pearsall (1877)Held by John Barnard
CLA-13-4Death certificate for Arthur Edward Clabburn (1901)Held by John Barnard
CLA-13-5Marriage certificate for Adèle Vandeleur Clabburn and James Bertram Roberton (1907)Held by John Barnard
CLA-13-6Death certificate for Rosey Clabburn (1922)Held by John Barnard
CLA-14Baptism certificate for Charles Edward Stuart Clabburn (Canterbury Cathedral. 4 Jan 1882)Held by John Barnard
CLA-15Letter from Philippa Hughes to Rosey de Pearsall (6 Dec 1877)Held by John Barnard
CLA-16Letters (1869-1871) between Arthur Edward Clabburn and Robert Louis Roumieu concerning his daughter Emilie IsabellaHeld by John Barnard
CLA-17Letters (c. 1879) to Rosey Clabburn following birth of her eldest daughter Ethel
  1. from Annie H. Stone (?)
  2. from Ellen Orelandson (?)
Held by John Barnard
CLA-18Letter (circa late 1890s) from Arthur Edward Clabburn to his daughter EthelHeld by John Barnard
CLA-19Correspondence with Ethel James (née Clabburn), and associated documents and photographs, concernimng Frederick Sandys' Clabbun portraits, following her letter in The Times, 12 May 1928Held by John Barnard
CLA-20Frederick Sandys Exhibition Catalogue, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, 7 May - 14 Jul 1974Held by John Barnard
CLA-21Reproduction of oil portrait of Ellen Bertha Tufnell by A.E. Clabburn, identified on front in hand of Ethel James (née Clabburn)Held by John Barnard
CLA-22Photographs of Sunny Hill, Thorpe Norwich (4 colour photos of interior, 1 B/W of exterior)Held by John Barnard
CLA-232 original visiting cards for Mr & Mrs Arthur E ClabburnHeld by John Barnard
CLA-24Photopies of various census entries:
  1. 1891 - 2 St Mark's Rd, Kensington, London, Arthur E. Clabburn and family
  2. 1891 - Oxford, Cyril H. Pearson (later husband of Doroth Clabburn)
  3.  1901 - Brighton, St Mary's home, Adèle Valdeleur Clabburn
  4. 1901 - Oxfordshire, Cyril H. Pearson
Held by John Barnard
CLA-25Certificate appointing W.H. Clabburn as Juror at the Paris Exhibition of 1867Original held by John Barnard
CLA-26Certificate thanking W.H. Clabburn for his services in connection with the International Exhibition in London in 1871Original held by John Barnard
CLA-27Helen Hoyte, The Story of the Norwich Shawl, Norwich: Nick Williams, 2010. ISBN 978-0-9559320-2-1. [History of Norwich shawl manufactuing, with many references to the Clabburn family]Copy purchased and held by John Barnard
CLA-28Newspaper cuttings concerning Robert George Clabburn (c. 1828-1863, youngest brother of William Houghton Clabburn) and his son Robert William Clabburn (1850-1868). [The cuttings are mainly concerned with Robert George's various appearances in the insolvency courts in Launceston, Tasmania, and with the death by drowning of Robert William.]Collected by John Barnard, Feb 2020
CLA-29Betty Elzea, Frederick Sandys 1829-1904 - A Catalogue Raisonné. Woodwrdge, Suffolk: Antique Collectors Club (2001)Copy purchased and held by Jill Hunt
CLA-30Australian newspaper reports on the death of Walter Thomas Clabburn (1851-1908)Collected by John Barnard, Feb 2020