Original Documents, Photographs and References

This page provides an index to the catalogues of the original documents and photographs, and other references which have been used in compiling the information on this website. The codes in the first column on this page link to pages for the separate catalogues for each set of documents, which themselves contains links to scanned images (where available).

AFJDocuments related to Augustus Frederick James (1842-1912) and his wife Katherine Anna Geale (1835-1903)
BAJDocuments related to Bertram Alfred James (1866-1891)
BARDocuments related to the Barnard Family
ChaMiscellaneous documents retrieved by John Barnard from Challonsleigh, Tavistock, Devon in 2010, and mainly associated with members of the James Family
EECJDocuments related to Edith Emily Coulson James (1860-1936)
ETJ Documents related to Eric Trevenen James (1904-1989)
HHJ Documents related to Harold Hindle James (1895-1969)
HRJ Documents related to Henry Rosher James (1862-1931)
HTJDocumments related to Hilary Trevenen James (1914-1990)
JDocuments related to the James Family
LJ Documents related to Lionel James (1868-1948)
MARTDocuments relating to the Martin family
MORDocuments relating to the Mordaunt family
PEARDocuments relating to the Pearsall family
RH Documents related to the Rosher and Hindle families
WTDocuments related to the Wild and Tucker families