Original Documents, Photographs and References

This page provides an index to the catalogues of the original documents and photographs, and other references which have been used in compiling the information on this website. Where scanned images are available for these, a link is given from the relevant reference number.

Cha Miscellaneous documents retrieved from Challonsleigh, Tavistock, Devon
J Documents related to the James Family
BAJDocuments related to Bertram Alfred James (1866-1891)
EECJDocuments related to Edith Emily Coulson James (1860-1936)
ETJ Documents related to Eric Trevenen James (1904-1989)
HHJ Documents related to Harold Hindle James (1895-1969)
HRJ Documents related to Henry Rosher James (1862-1931)
LJ Documents related to Lionel James (1868-1948)
RH Documents related to the Rosher and Hindle families