One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh:
but the earth abideth for ever

(Ecclesiastes 1, iv)

This is the Home Page for my family history website. The website is intended to make the results of my genealogical and family history research available to my many cousins, to genealogists researching into connected families, and to historians who may be interested in particular individuals from my ancestry. The site is under continuing development, as my research progresses, and updates are summarised here.

The site basically contains four types of material:

The menu items in the panel on the left give access to index pages for these different types of material.

The best "entry points" for anyone wanting to explore the website are the pages respectively on my  father's ancestry and mother's ancestry, which contain brief accounts of the various families involved and give links to the relevant family trees and family history pages.

John Mordaunt Barnard
Sheffield, UK
December 2020