This is the Home Page for my family history website. It includes some of the results of my research into my ancestry, and is intended primarily to make those results available to my many cousins, who may be interested in our shared forbears.

This site is under continuing development, as my researches progress within the constraints of my other activities; a list of recent updates is shown here. I am in process of adding scanned images and annotations of the original documents, letters and photographs on which my researches are based, many of which have been inherited from my ancestors, and some of which date back over two hundred years. 

John Mordaunt Barnard
Sheffield, UK
May 2015

My Relatives

I am in process of compiling family trees showing all the descendants of my four sets of great-grandparents. This is something of a moving target, as new leaves and branches sprout on these trees at the rate of two or three every year. The information for them has largely been provided by my cousins, who are shown on them, and for reasons of confidentiality access to them is protected by passwords.  Further details are given on the Family Trees page.

My Ancestors

In some respects my ancestors could be described as "boring" - they are almost uniformly English, middle-class and professional, and I have to go back several generations to find even a French antecedent, let alone anything more exotic. They were clergymen, businessmen, lawyers, artists, schoolmasters, army officers, town clerks etc., with a smattering of connections to minor aristocracy and landed gentry.  Nevertheless, many of them, along with their siblings, were "high achievers", and several left their mark on the world in the form of published books. 

The following "birth brief" table shows the four generations up to my great-great-grandparents, with links to pages where the relevant individuals and families are discussed in more detail.

Charles Mordaunt Barnard (1901-1983)
Dyestuffs chemist and Fine Art dealer
Rev. Percy Mordaunt Barnard
Antiquarian bookseller
Rev. Mordaunt Barnard
Rector of Little Bardfield, Essex
Rev. Thomas Barnard
(c. 1765-1799)
Vicar of Great Amwell, Herts.
Everilda Dorothea Martin
(c. 1767-1839)
Daughter of Sir Mordaunt Martin, Bt.
Adelaide Sophia Barnard (1834-1906)
(married her first cousin once removed)
Rev. Charles James Barnard (1796-1868)
Rector of Bigby, Lincs.
Caroline Arabella Elwes (1798-1866)
Alice Mary Taunton
Rev. Frederick Taunton
Vicar of Kingswood, Surrey
Thomas Henry Taunton
Son of Sir William Elias Taunton, Town Clerk of Oxford
Jane Davis (-)
of Oxford
Flora Charlotte Wild
Henry James Wild
Mary Tudor Tucker
Daughter of Hester Louisa Tucker of Bermuda, inspiration of Thomas Moore's Odes To Nea
Pascha Trevenen James (1919-1978)
Lionel James (1868-1948)
Headmaster of Monmouth School
George Coulson James
Trevenen James (1797-1877)
Banker and tin merchant of Penzance
Catherine Coulson (1805-1879)
Susannah Elizabeth Rosher
Henry Rosher (1794-1877)
Businessman of Gravesend
Sarah Susannah Gladdish
(c. 1800-1890)
Ethel de Pearsall Clabburn
Arthur Edward Clabburn
Lieut. 75th  Regt.; Artist
William Houghton Clabburn
(c. 1820-1899)
Shawl manufacturer of Norwich
Hannah Louisa Blyth
(c. 1825 - before 1881)
Rosey de Pearsall
(c. 1861-1922)
Robert Lucas de Pearsall
Cavalry officer in Imperial Austrian army and son of composer
Anna-Maria Hamilton-ffinney
(c. 1835-1880)
Grand-daughter of Rev. Prof. Samuel Lee, Regius Professor of Hebrew at Cambridge